Intensity: Strong


Colombia (APCO) 1 KG

  • APCO is a relatively small co-op of 250 coffee-growing families in the Ocamonte region of the state of Santander, in the centre-north of Colombia. The group was formed in 1994 to commercialise the coffee of its members and thereby to provide a better standard of living to their families.


    The coffee is fairly typical of central Colombian coffee –it is pulped and washed on farm by the farmers and sold to the cooperative as parchment.


    It has a light, lemony aroma, and smooth, sweet acidity. It is a medium bodied coffee with a nutty, citrusy flavour and a slightly floral aftertaste. The farmers of APCO typically grow Colombiana coffee and their farms are between 1200 to 1700 metres above sea level.


    This coffee was shipped to New Zealand in jute sacks lined with PVC Grainpro bags – an airtight storage system that preserves aroma and freshness for longer, while also allowing the coffee to breathe naturally.


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