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  • Peru Norte (CENFROCAFE)
    Varietal: Typica / Bourbon / Caturra
    Processing: Washed
    Cooperative: CENFROCAFE
    Altitude: 1200-1600 metres above sea level
    Region: Cajamarca
    Organic Certification: FLO, Naturland (IFOAM)


    The Cenfrocafe concept revolves around a transparency contract, which is the notion that everyone in the supply chain should be represented and the details of their involvement written down. This system identifies and accounts for every cent of the final cost, including and most importantly, the price paid directly to the producer. This concept is extremely rare and “Fair Trade Certified” does not make this guarantee, as it only insures a minimum price paid to the cooperative not to the farmers themselves.

    Cenfrocafe also provides loans that help farmers cover the costs of the harvest and materials in the coffee production as well as the costs of sending their children to school.


    This coffee was shipped to New Zealand in jute sacks lined with PVC Grainpro bags – an airtight storage system that preserves aroma and freshness for longer, while also allowing the coffee to breathe naturally.


    Coffee 2 You is committed to supporting organisations like Cenfrocafe
    encouraging fair and equitable trading practices. Our goal is to make coffee-growing a sustainable and a thriving business for farmer, families and their communities.

    Thank you for buying our beans and supporting the Cenfrocafe program.