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Nicaragua Segovia (PRODECOOP) 1 KG

  • PRODECOOP is a co-operative of 40 primary groups in the northern department of Nueva Segovia on the Honduran border. The coee is grown on small family farms, intercropped with other food plants and shade trees. It is sometimes washed, fermented and pulped on the farm and dried on the ground on tarpaulins, but there are also mills where the coffee can be processed in greater quantity with much less effort. The coffee produced by the mills is generally seen as more consistent and better quality.


    The coffee has a soft herbal aroma, the body is light to medium, and there is a definite bright, citrus element to the flavour. It is sweet and juicy tasting with a slight smoky aftertaste.


    'The main varieties cultivated are Caturra and Bourbon at altitudes ranging from 900 to 1300m.


    This coffee was shipped to New Zealand in jute sacks lined with PVC Grainpro bags – an airtight storage system that preserves aroma and freshness for longer, while also allowing the coffee to breathe naturally.


    Coffee 2 You is committed to supporting organisations that
    encourage fair and equitable trading practices. Our goal is to make coffee-growing a sustainable and a thriving business for farmer, families and their communities.


    Thank you for buying our beans


    Thank you for buying our beans.

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